June 15, 2021


world magazine 2020

Personalised Jigsaws in the Office

Very few of us paid too much attention to them. Sure, they’re cool. But we’re in work and finding time to complete a 400-piece personalised jigsaw puzzle isn’t all that easy. But that’s superslot to say it’s impossible. A determined few broke up their jigsaws and set about reconstructing them to their completed glory. Lunch breaks, five minutes with a cuppa, or just a quick timeout – any excuse to slot a few pieces together.

What these employees hadn’t counted on, however, is just how addictive personalised jigsaws can be. Forget your Angry Birds or an old-school game of Tetris – this may be traditional but it properly reels you in. Of the completed jigsaws, most took a working week to complete. It’s a patient process, usually beginning with the edge pieces and followed by the sections that are more easily distinguishable. After that, it almost becomes a case of painstaking trial and error, as each possible piece is tried in an appropriate-looking gap. Success is rare.

But although frustrating at times, there was also an unexpected sense of satisfaction as they slowly began to take shape. As you’d expect, though, the task was made trickier by the resident jokers, who thought it’d be funny to hide the odd piece. For a number of days, one such piece was blu-tac’ed to the back of a monitor, while in another instance, a rogue piece was stuck to the mouthpiece of a phone. It wouldn’t have been so funny had the ‘puzzler’ not used the phone while it remained attached.

As we speak, there’s a new personalised jigsaw puzzle on the go. It’s been designed for the American market and features a close-up of an American football with a colleague’s name printed on the front of it. It means this one’s harder than previous efforts, thanks in no small part to its hundreds of pieces that look exactly the same. But it’s still not deterred the hardcore few, though, who methodically plod through piece by piece.