May 17, 2021

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The Secrets of How to Flirt With Men – Learning the Basics

Do you already know how to flirt Niteflirtphonesex men effectively or do your flirting skills need a little brush up? Do you have the natural ability to flirt or are you unsure of what to say or do? Are you jealous of those girls who are able to flirt with even the most attractive of guys without thinking twice? It’s true that some girls seem to have all the luck when it comes to guys and can flirt completely naturally, as though it were something they learned in the womb. But for some of us flirting is much more difficult. We have to learn this valuable dating skill the hard way and find it much more difficult. But of course, flirting really isn’t that hard to do. It might not come completely naturally to you but that doesn’t mean you can’t pick it up relatively quickly. Anybody can learn to flirt with men and here’s how.

Start with a smile

Smiling is the most basic part of flirting. This is something we all do without even thinking about it, and don’t even consider it to be flirting. But a simple smile can make all the difference to a conversation with a hot guy. It lets him know that you are interested in him and that you are happy to be in his presence. A smile can also be cheeky and suggestive, adding that sexy touch that will really make your flirting successful. Start small and focus on smiling more when you flirt with men, no matter how nervous you are. This is flirting 101.

Eye contact

This is another important and sometimes subconscious element of flirting. By making eye contact with a guy you are showing him that you are both attracted to him and can’t take your eyes off of him. Of course you will have to take your eyes off him at some point otherwise he will think that you are being creepy.

Physical contact

The next level of flirting with a guy is to make light physical contact with him. This is suggestive of intimacy and can be very tempting if done correctly. All you need to do is touch his arm once in a while and he’ll think that you are making excuses to be closer to him. This is a telltale sign of flirting and is a great ego boost for a guy.