May 12, 2021

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Where To Get The Best Kona Coffee In 2020

If you wish to order kona beans coffee online then there is a unique history behind these beans that you must know. Kona coffee is also known as Coffee Arabica because of the Arabica plant gifted to Hawaii from Brazil. Chief Boki, the governor of Oahu brought this plant especially from Rio de Janeiro. The tree was then brought to Kona in 1828 by Reverend Samuel Ruggles. This tree was initially planted for aesthetic purposes but then it started to grow very well which lead us to the present prestigious image that Kona coffee has in the world today.

The Kona tree grew very well because of the perfect climate in Hawaii. The weather required to grow Kona beans involves cool winds, rains and rich volcanic soil. All these factors allow the crop to grow quickly.

Then with the passage of time Kona farms began to progress and by mid 1800s they were quite famous for their rich blend of coffee. Sailors and whalers came by to Hawaiian ports to purchase this unique coffee. Within a matter of a few years, Kona gained the reputation of premium coffee that possesses the richest flavor compared to any other coffee in the world.

Kona coffee has gone through many phases in which it had to struggle a lot in order to hold onto its position. Its demand has gone through many fluctuations and it almost reached a point where its demand completely collapsed. However, due to certain factors it quickly gathered strength again and recovered when tourism in Hawaii increased.

Presently, there are about 700 Kona farms that contain around 3000 acres of trees which produce around 18 million pounds of raw Kona coffee every year. Roasted beans are sold at $25 per pound and leads to a fortune of about $30 million to Kona farmers every year. As the quality of Kona coffee was recognized with the passage of time, its production has also increased leading to even more benefits.

The production process is difficult and requires ample care and attention. Harvesting Kona coffee is not like harvesting any other coffee. The Kona farmers put in a lot of effort to make sure that the end product is perfect. Some sellers try to steal the rewards by creating coffee mixes and blends that claim to have Kona in it! So be careful when you have to order Kona online.

What’s worse is that some sellers are even counterfeiting Kona beans today. These unauthorized sellers re-label the real South American Kona made from 100% Kona beans and sell them with their own names at a higher price to the unsuspecting customers. This is quite damaging for the Kona industry and its reputation as well.