May 12, 2021

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Knowing Iron Foundry

This article is written to give expansive and vital idea about Iron Foundry. It also gives ideas about different types of furnace used as per requirement.

Before understanding what Iron Foundry is, let’s understand what is mean by Foundry. A foundry is nothing but a factory that generates metal casting. Metals are transformed into liquid and poured in a mold. Once metal is solidified and cooled, mold is removed.

Iron foundry is most common foundry known besides Aluminum foundry. However, Steel, Zinc, Tin and Magnesium foundries are also found. There are different types of furnace, usage of which depends on your necessitate and project.

Cupola Furnace

For a long time, cupola was the only prime technique of melting practiced in iron foundry. Reason for its widespread goes to its distinctiveness. Following are the features of cupola furnace that contributed to its wide success.

1) It is only “unbroken Operation” method

2) Melting Rates are far above the ground

3) Trouble-free procedure

4) Pretty low working cost.

The cupola can be made of more or less any sensible size. The size of a cupola is articulated in diameters. Usually it ranges from 18 inches to 13 feet. On the whole, shape is cylindrical and the apparatus is set upright.

Cupola furnace easily catch high temperature, hence generally Iron and Bronze are melted through it. However, occasionally it is used for melting of aluminum maintaining low temperature with a great care.


Reverberatory is a well recognized name in the world of metallurgical. The chief duty of reverberatory furnace is to detach the processed material from approaching in contact with blaze or the fuel.

Due to its operations, functions and objectives reverberatory furnace is classified into two categories.

1) Melting or Fusion Furnace

2) Calcining or Wasting Furnace

Why to use reverberatory furnace?

1) It is extremely prolific

2) Easy to use

3) Hassle free installation

4) Full access to furnace chamber for clean-up and charging

5) The likelihood of rust and melt loss is least.

Reverberatory furnace has following Usage:

1) Extracting

2) Refinement

3) Tin, Copper and Nickel making

4) Melting

5) Aluminum recycling

Electric Arc Furnace

Usually used in industrial foundry, electric arc furnace is not famous and rarely used by casters due to its heavy aluminum melting induction furnace, breathing space issue, and wide-ranging nuisance. There are two types of electric arc furnace, 1) Direct Electric Arc Furnace and 2) Indirect Electric Arc Furnace. The only difference between two is Direct Electric Arc uses three electrodes, while Indirect Electric Arc uses one electrode.

While the new electric arc furnace is a very proficient recycler of steel crumb, process of an arc furnace shop can have unfavorable ecological effects.

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